(via Two men facing charges in Saguaro Park vandalism case)

Two men have been arrested in connection with vandalism in Saguaro National Park’s east unit, officials said Wednesday.

The men were identified by the National Park Service as Beau Campbell and Colton Salazar.

They will be required to appear in federal court. The Park Service said it is also going to request the men pay restitution to repair the damage done at the park.

A news release said the two were the men in surveillance photos released to the public following the most recent case of vandalism at the park.

On May 23 vandals severaly damaged one saguaro, two barrel cacti and one palo verde tree along the Douglas Spring Trail in the park.

The park service said the two men don’t appear to be involved in the earlier vandalism case at the park.

Following release of the photographs, the two men contacted the park service on Tuesday. The park service said the men were cooperating with the investigation.

don’t vandalize nature…

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