Bad Sci-Fi Video For CPAC Calls Tea Party ‘A Movement On Fire,’ Is Sadly Not About Flaming Dysentery

So, the “Tea Party Patriots,” which is apparently a patriotic group of tea partiers, has made this little movie for CPAC. They’re also threatening to release a longer version at CPAC today unless their demands are met. It’s a dystopian fable that plays out in two minutes, and if it looks a little familiar, that’s because it cribs from every third-rate dystopian fantasy ever made except for Zardoz, because while Tea Partiers certainly agree that “The Gun Is Good,” they try not to talk about penises unless they absolutely have to. Even so, we think this thing could make a pretty decent drive-in movie if they could add in some killer robots and kickboxing, and also some nudity, but only if it’s necessary for the plot, which of course it would be.


oh . my . god…I’m dying

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    oh . my . god…I’m dying
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